IMPORTANT: CONONAVIRUS UPDATE - Under the NC governor's order, we have new rules in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. See the rules here.

COVID-19 Info - Dojo Rules

  1. When entering the facility, we have a new temperature monitor, everyone entering will have their temperature taken, no exemptions. In the event you do have a temperature, we'll need a doctor's note clearing you.
  2. If your child or family member is sick, please stay home. Again we want everyone healthy.
  3. Everyone participating in Judo will be required to wear a face covering. We have Cary Judo face masks at a cost of $8.00.
  4. We will only allow students in at the door to keep traffic down. Parents are welcome to watch through the window.
  5. Classes will end 10 minutes earlier so all areas can be sanitized for the next classes.
  6. Class sizes will be reduced, so Black Belts are being asked to be flexible to help with classes.
  7. We will be asking for some parent volunteers to help coordinate, temperature measurements and cleaning.